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Monday, 4/29/24.  11:20 am -Jewell Lane Update:  Repair is complete and line is back on!


Friday, 4/26/24.  Most systems have water now!  If you are still having problems, please call the office at 541-922-3814.


  • Jewell Lane, Irrigon.  There is a leak on the line that serves Jewell Lane as it goes through a private yard.  The locate has been called in, and as soon as we are able to, the repair will be completed.
  • McGraw Pump Station, Boardman.  One pump has been returned and installed; still waiting for second pump.



Wednesday, 4/17/24.  As more systems come on line, and more folks are sstarting to irrigate, more problems are popping up.  If you are having problems, call the office to have a work order started.  Please understand that this list is growing daily and crews are having to "triage" the work orders, balancing prioritizing the systems that have the most number of properties without water since the beginning of season and those who have been on the list the longest.


  • McGraw Pump Station (Boardman) - We lost both pumps at the beginning of the season.  They are in line for repair and we will get them installed as soon as we get them back.
  • Southshore Drive (Umatilla) - The electrical leads burned on the pump yesterday.  The pump was pulled and checked by Kerns Brothers for damage; fortunately there was no damage to the motor.  The leads need to be replaced and the pump reinstalled.  At the same time, crews are repairing a leak on the mainline.  System is currently on bypass and operating on low pressure.
  • IPS - Oregon St. Booster Station - Is operating on the small pump only.  When we reinstalled the large pump after the winter maintenance, there was a fault on the VFD.  We are waiting on the vendor to check the VFD.  What this means:  water is on but pressure is low for everyone served by this booster station.
  • Boardman Laterals - The holding time for the herbicide application is complete and we are starting to open the laterals.  If you are ready to take water, don't forget to let the office know to schedule your ditch inspection.  FLOOD IRRIGATORS:  In addition to having your ditches inspected before taking water, you also need to order your water at least 24 hours in advance by calling / texting the Water Order Line at 541-922-9372.



Monday 4/8/24.  Irrigon water starts today!  This process takes 2 days.  We will start up mid-day today and finish by end of shift tomorrow.  Boardman Pump Stations will be started over the next 2 days also.  MAKE SURE YOU ARE READY AND YOUR VALVES ARE CLOSED!!  Boardman laterals are still being opened.


Monday, 4/1/24.   UPDATE ON IRRIGON START-UP:  Week of April 8.


3/21/24.  We are current with schedule below.  Forecast for Irrigon:  Sometime between April 3-12.  We will continue to post updates here.


3/13/24.  The weather has been cooperating and concrete trucks have been available! YAY! So we will be starting water in the Main Canal sooner than we thought,  PROVIDING THE WEATHER HOLDS!

Monday, 3/18/24 - Flush from the dam to the 4x4 (spillway in Umatilla).

Wednesday, 3/20/24 - Run water to the siphon @ I-84.  This will include spilling at Slaughter Spill.

Thursday, 3/21/24 - Place check boards in Upper Canal - the water level will drop for a few hours while we put them in.

Friday, 3/22/24 or Saturday, 3/23/24 - Water in to Boardman!

Changes and updates will be posted as soon as they are know.