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4/26/27 - UPDATE:  The VFD was delivered and installed yesterday afternoon.  All lands on this station should have good pressure now!  WEID staff called all landowners yesterday that we have phone numbers for, to let them know the pump was back up and running.  If you are not sure if we have your correct phone number, please give us a call!


4/23/24 - UPDATE:  As most of you are aware, the pressures have been really low this season.  There are 2 pumps at that booster station, and we have only been able to run on the small pump so far this year.  The VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) on the large pump failed, and without completely replumbing the station we are not able to run it in manual.  The vendor was here yesterday and a new VFD has been ordered.  WEID is paying for expedited shipping, but it is coming out of California.  As soon as it arrives, the vendor and WEID crews will install it.  Until that time, please try to irrigate when your neighbors are not, or overnight or early in the morning. 

This was not something that could be foreseen.  The pump had its normal O&M done over the winter.  The vendor for the VFD was not able to give a guess as to why the problem occurred.  All we can do is get the replacement installed as soon as it gets here. 

We know this has been hard for everyone and thank you for your patience.   Keep checking back for updates.