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Weather and System Updates

Tuesday, 5/7/24, 5:00 pm -- With the sun comes the wind!

Boardman Main Canal & Pump Stations -- We are taking the Boardman Canal down tonight to work on a repair.  If all goes as planned, we will turn water back into Boardman Wednesday night.  We will work on flushing and restarting pump stations on Thursday.

Irrigon Pressurized System -- Crews are finishing up 2 repairs in Irrigon today that they were able to get to.  Since we were not sure if they would make it through the season, It's better to get them done now while the system is down rather than have to go down this summer.  It looks like we will try to restart the river pumps Thursday.  That means the river pumps, and as many booster stations that will stay on.  Everything is, of course, dependent on weather and use on the system.

Division Street Pump Station will stay off through tomorrow (Wednesday is its normal day off) and come back on Thursday morning.

Boardman and Umatilla Pump Stations (Main Canal) will be turned back on as needed.  Please call the office when you are ready to take water.  When there is enough demand to turn the stations back on without damaging the pumps, we will get them back on!



Monday, 5/6/24 -- What a weekend! 2" of water in 2 days, and possibly more on the way! As you can guess, the weather is the reason most of our systems were shut off this weekend. Too much natural water and not enough use.  WEID crews will be monitoring the weather both for more precipitation and wind, and will be turning systems back on as soon as there is enough need to keep the pumps running without damaging them. 

Watch here for further updates.